Should You Put In A New Screened Porch?

A screened porch can give you lots of great results that can help you really enjoy your porch again. Screening in the porch itself makes you better able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying as much about bugs or even feeling like you're exposed to the world.

You can get a screened porch installation done by a remodeling contractor or door and window specialist of your choosing. The only question for you to consider is whether you need this service done on your home or not. Would you benefit from a screened-in porch? Should you have a screened-in porch installation done? The answer may lie in the following considerations.

You want to use your porch more

Do you want to use your porch more but you don't currently use it much because it's exposed to the open? Screening in your porch via a screened porch installation allows you to have the closed-in feeling of your home without blocking out the views and outside air. You screen off the porch and doorways entirely so you are still outside but have privacy and a barrier between you and insects. You also have a barrier between you and pets and people walking by.

You want better curb appeal for your home

Sometimes all you need to complete your property's curb appeal is to make the porch look better put-together. You can consider a screened porch installation to give your porch a more finished look and to add to the allure of a smaller patio or other outdoor space. If you have a tight budget and don't want to redo a porch or add a whole new deck, then having a screened porch installation done instead can give you similar results while still allowing you to enjoy more of your budget back into your pocket.

You want to increase your home's value

Putting in a new screened porch can help improve your home's value without adding a lot of cost to the remodel. It's simply upgrading the exterior of your home in a way that is more useful to yourself and others, adding exterior square footage you can use, or turning existing square footage into more beneficial space. You can get more value for your home in this type of upgrade, which can come back to you in the future should you decide to sell your property, refinance, or take out an equity line of credit.

Get a quote for your screened porch installation. You may be surprised how much the installation can save you.