Love Knots? Consider These Wood Flooring Types

It's important to give some careful thought to how you want your floor to look before you buy wood flooring for your home. Some people love wood that offers a simple, clean look, while others favor wood that has more visual character. If you have the latter mindset, you might find that knotty wood flooring looks appealing. Wood flooring with plenty of dark knots can offer a stylish look that often has a rustic feel making it a perfect choice in many homes. If you're interested in knotty wood, here are some flooring types to explore.


One of the most popular types of knotty wood flooring is pine, which you can expect to see for sale in virtually every flooring store. Although pine is technically considered a softwood rather than a hardwood, it can still work well as a flooring product in your home. Pine has a light color that ranges between off-white and yellow, depending on how it's finished. The knots will be very pronounced on the light-colored background, making them very visible. Pine flooring tends to often be on the affordable side, which can make it appealing for people who have a tight budget for changing their home's flooring.


A lot of flooring stores also carry alder flooring, which is another type of wood that offers a knotty look that many people enjoy. It's darker in color than pine, and while it typically doesn't have quite as many knots as pine, it still has more knots than many other types of wood flooring. Alder is a hardwood, so you can be confident that it will offer a high level of durability beneath your feet making it a particularly good choice in rooms that get lots of foot traffic.


Pecan can be another wood choice to consider if you want a knotty look. This is a wood that can have quite a bit of variance in its appearance, ranging from light to dark and ranging from low in knots to high in knots. If you find a local flooring supplier that carries pecan wood flooring, you'll want to look over the products carefully and choose a product that has the color and level of knottiness that you want. Like alder, pecan is a hardwood, so it will stand up well to wear in your home. Shop for these and other types of wood flooring if you want to have a knotty look in your home.