2 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Out The Design Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you are planning on renovating your house, one of the first areas that you may want to start with is the kitchen. This is especially true if there is not enough counter space or you despise the outdated color scheme and floor plan. 

However, before you start making plans and drawing up design schemes, you want to sit down and really think about everything you want. You should also be careful not to make the mistakes discussed below when you begin planning out the design for your kitchen remodel. 

1. Neglecting to Fully Consider the Reasons Why You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen

One mistake that you should avoid before entering the design phase of your kitchen remodel is neglecting to fully consider why you are renovating the space to begin with. If you simply start picking out appliances and selecting cabinet features, you may get caught up in the excitement and forget to take care of the things that you do not like in your current kitchen.

Sit down with a pen and paper so you can start making a list of the reasons why you want to remodel your kitchen. Maybe you feel cramped while working in a dark area and wish the floor plan was more open with more natural light. Write this and other reasons down so that you can discuss these basic desires with the remodeling contractor. 

2. Attempting to Over-correct Problems You Have with Your Current Kitchen Design

Another mistake that you should avoid making when coming up with your new kitchen design scheme is over-correcting the problems you have with your current kitchen. If you go to extremes with certain design elements, you may wind up with a kitchen you dislike as much.

For example, if you hate the dark color scheme and closed-off floor plan, you do not want to decide on going with an all-white palette in a kitchen with appliances that are too far apart. Discuss the issues you have with the current design with the remodeler so that you can both come up with a moderate fix to the issues together. 

Before you start picking out your kitchen's new appliances or deciding on the finish of the cabinets, you should sit down and think about the reasons why you want to remodel your kitchen. This helps you stay focused on what you really want to do, whether it is to create more space or add more natural light in expanded work areas. You also do not want to overcompensate for problem areas, which could result in a kitchen design that you hate. Once you have an idea of what you really want, make an appointment with a kitchen remodeling contractor to start making plans for your new kitchen.

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