Using A Green Screen Wall Kit In Your Video Productions

Whether it is for live streaming or video production, the ability to have complete control over the background that is behind you can be an invaluable tool. For individuals that are wanting to maximize their control over their videos, investing in a green screen wall kit can be a reasonable expense.

Ensure The Light In The Room Can Be Completely Controlled

While a green screen wall kit can provide you with exceptional control over the background in your videos, it is important to recognize the importance of the lighting. Poor lighting conditions can severely reduce the effectiveness of the green screen. In particular, lighting that comes from behind the green screen can have an especially severe effect on its performance. As you are deciding where to put your green screen wall, you should choose a room that will provide you with complete control over the lighting. If you have to place this kit in a room with a window, the installation of blackout curtains can avoid the risk of unwanted light impacting your videos.

Keep The Green Screen From Wrinkling

In addition to controlling the lighting in the room where the green screen is located, it is also advisable to prevent wrinkles from forming on the green screen. To be effective, the green screen will need to be as smooth as possible. Wrinkles can severely disrupt this, which may lead to issues with overlaying the desired background on the video. Unfortunately, individuals can severely underappreciate the impact that wrinkles can have until they have already formed. Once this occurs, it can be very difficult to fully remove the wrinkles. If you will be using the green screen regularly, having the wall kit permanently installed can reduce the risk of wrinkles forming when the green screen is being placed into storage between uses.

Choose A Green Screen That Will Be An Appropriate Size

The size of the green screen is another important consideration that a person will need to weigh when they are deciding on an option for their video production needs. For individuals that will be moving around during their videos, a much larger green screen system will be needed to provide them with the room that they need to maneuver around. Fortunately, it is possible to install very large green screens that can take up an entire wall. This can allow individuals to utilize the full space available in their production area without having to regularly take down and reposition the green screen.