Why MDF Is Better Than Wood For Moulding

Installing moulding in your home can have a positive effect on the appearance of each room. Moulding is available in many different styles, and it can be fun to browse your options and choose a style that will suit your home well. One decision that you'll need to make at this time is what material you choose. Moulding is available in wood and in medium-density fiberboard, which you'll typically see labeled as MDF. Wood has its advantages, but many people find that MDF is a better choice for this product. Here are three reasons that you might favor MDF moulding over wood moulding.


When you look at wood moulding, you'll see the usual grooves from the wood grain. If you don't want your moulding to have these grooves, you'll need to spend a lot of time treating them with wood filler. If you're planning to install a lot of moulding in your home, this step will be significant. MDF moulding, on the other hand, has a smooth surface. When you run your hand across the surface of this material and then do the same with wood, the smoothness will especially be evident. This means that MDF won't require any pre-installation work with wood filler, as it already offers the smoothness you want.

Perfectly Straight

Warping is common in many wood products. While you'll often notice warping when you shop for lumber at a local store, a bigger concern is that warping can occur after you get the wood home and use it. If the wood wasn't fully dried prior to you using it, it can warp as it dries out. In the case of moulding, this means that wooden moulding may appear warped after installation. This will require you to remove the wood and replace it, which is labor-intensive. MDF isn't prone to warping, which gives you a perfectly straight product for moulding.


While home supply stores price moulding according to various criteria, you'll often find that MDF moulding is more affordable than wooden moulding — especially higher-end wood. This can be ideal if you want to complete this job on a budget, and especially if you have a large home and you want to install moulding in several of the rooms. Even if the price difference between these two products is minimal, it can add up if you have to buy a large amount of moulding. Learn more about MDF moulding at a local home store.

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