Shower To Tub Conversion Solutions For Small Bathroom Makeovers

When you have a small bathroom with an older design, the tub can be a major waste of space. It can also be a hazard if you need installations in your home that are more accessible. Therefore, it may be time to makeover your bathroom with a tub to shower conversion. The following tub to shower conversion solutions will help you makeover your tiny bathroom with a more spacious and accessible design:

Replace the Tub with a Frameless Shower

The first option that you may want to consider for the shower conversion is a frameless design. These are frameless showers that will take the space of your shower and feature a frameless glass enclosure. The frameless design can have an open design that makes your bathroom feel more open and spacious. There are also options to use a design without doors and a shower pan that is custom built to the level of the rest of the floor in the bathroom. This will give the new shower a more accessible design and your bathroom more space.

Use a Prefabricated Shower Unit

Prefabricated units are commonly installed for shower and tub combos in new construction, but there are also premium options. These prefabricated units can give you an affordable solution to give you a custom shower. They come in various sizes and designs, which include corner units that occupy a smaller footprint in your bathroom.

Add a Small Bumpout for the Shower

Sometimes, even with a smaller shower unit, there is still not enough space in the bathroom. Therefore, a bump-out design may be the best solution for your tub-to-shower conversion project. Bump-outs are special remodeling features that move the exterior walls with counter-levers or a foundation. They add a small amount of space to the area being remodeled for features like more floor space in the bathroom or a larger, custom walk-in shower design.

Take Space from Other Areas for a Custom Shower

Adding space with a bump-out may not be a practical solution for your shower conversion project. Therefore, you may need to find space from somewhere else in your home. This can be a good solution if there is a nearby closet that you don't use, which can be converted into space for your bathroom. When taking space from other areas, there will be small changes and repairs that need to be done to the adjacent walls if you are not planning on remodeling these areas.

The small bathroom design in your home can be converted to a larger space with a shower conversion project. Contact a tub to shower conversion remodeling service for help planning the makeover for your bathroom.