Materials To Consider If You Want Brightly Colored Kitchen Countertops

Most people choose somewhat subdued colors for their kitchen counters. But what if you want to be different? What if you want bright, colorful kitchen counters that really stand out? You do have options! Here are the top materials you will want to consider if you desire colorful kitchen countertops.


If you want a colorful look without departing too far from the tradition of stone counters, quartz is the material for you. Quartz counters are made from engineered stone. In other words, various pieces of stone are melded together using an epoxy matrix. While some quartz counters are made in subdued shades, others have big flecks and veins of color. You can find quartz counters with purple, green, and even blue flecks. Quartz does not need to be sealed, resists staining, and is heat-resistant. Its downfall is that it is quite expensive, and due to its weight, it takes a while to install.

Solid Surface

There are several companies that focus on making solid surface counters out of durable, plastic materials. These counters can be made in virtually any color, including the brightest and most eye-catching of shades. They are generally solid-colored, which creates a very different look than what you would get with quartz. Solid surface counters resist staining, are easy to clean, and can be sanded down for a fresh look when they become scratched or dented. Their downfall is that they are not typically heat-resistant, so you can't place hot pans directly on them.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile was a really popular countertop material a few decades ago, but it fell out of fashion as granite became really popular. Granite doesn't come in bright colors, though. Ceramic tile comes in all sorts of different colors and patterns. You can create virtually any look by using large or small tiles, rectangular or square tiles, and so forth. Ceramic tile is typically heat-resistant and affordable. Its downfall is that the grout lines make for an uneven surface, so you won't be able to roll cookie dough or pie crust directly on the counter surface. The grout lines can also be tough to clean.

Brightly colored countertops will make your kitchen a very unique space. Consider ceramic tile, quartz, and solid surface as your options. Quartz generally has the most traditional, typical look, but ceramic tile and solid surface counters give you the ultimate flexibility in color choice. Talk to a remodeling contractor for more information.