The Advantages Of Mobile Home Roof Overs

Even though mobile homes provide many people with an economical place to live, these structures usually have relatively flat roofs that are simply not designed to be everlasting or as functional as other roofs. Mobile home roof overs may cost more than the basic replacement of the roof, but the end result can prove to be quite advantageous for the property owner. Here is a look at some of the advantages of having a traditional roof built onto the top of your mobile home.

1. Enhance the energy efficiency of your mobile home

The thin layer of insulation between the roofing materials on a typical mobile home and the interior of the home does not normally provide much in the way of insulation. When a roof over is completed on a mobile home, you get more space between the ceiling and the roof, which means more room for insulation. With the one change, you may see a major improvement in the energy efficiency of your mobile home. 

2. Increase the value of your mobile home

Even though mobile homes may not always hold their resale value the same as a traditional home on a permanent foundation, these homes can be resold, and some buyers prefer them. If you want to make sure you fetch a good price for an older mobile home, a simple way to do that is to have a new mobile home roof added. The new roof is much more durable and long-lasting, not to mention attractive, which are all things prospective buyers look for when shopping for a home. 

3. Enjoy more peace and quiet during periods of precipitation

The typical mobile home roof is a flat, rubber, or metal roof without a lot of insulation or material between the outward surface and the interior of the home. For this reason, it can get pretty noisy during periods of heavy rain. By adding a roof over to your mobile home, you will see a dramatic difference in how much noise you hear when it's raining. 

4. Give your mobile home a more traditional home appearance

When you get a new mobile home roof, it changes the appearance of the home so that it looks much more like a traditional home. In many cases, a roof over improves the outward appearance so much that it's hard to tell the home is not a traditional one, so curb appeal is upped substantially upon completion of the project. 

If you are interested in a roof over, contact a remodeling contractor near you.