Ready For New Kitchen Cabinets? 5 Trends To Consider

As you create a plan to transform your kitchen, be sure to consider some of the top kitchen cabinet trends as you plan and create your new dream kitchen.

1. Wood Cabinets

For a while, wood cabinets seemed like they were falling out of favor for good. However, wood cabinets have made a revival and are once again back in style. Wood cabinets now tend to embrace more natural finishes that allow the wood's subtle texture and style to shine through.

The door design of your wood cabinets can significantly impact the style of your kitchen. For example, flat wood doors with sleek black handles can create a modern styled kitchen. Raised wood doors can create a more rustic and classic looking kitchen.

2. Glass-Fronts

Second, many kitchens are now incorporating some glass-front cabinets into their overall design. Glass-front cabinets are commonly used on a single wall of upper cabinets. The glass front can add a little light and openness to your design. Additionally, if you install wood cabinets, the glass fronts can allow the wood's character to stand out.

3. Accent Hardware

For a while, hidden hardware that created a sleek, modern work was in style. However, there has been a move away from hidden hardware, back towards accent hardware designed to stand out. You can purchase new hardware that has a little more style to it or purchase some antique hardware for a more unique look. Have some fun with your hardware, and remember that it is easy to switch it out down the road.

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

Fourth, instead of just installing top and bottom cabinetry with countertops in between, consider installing a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This will provide you with more storage space within your kitchen and can be very visually striking. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is generally installed opposite the primary cooking area in the kitchen.

5. Custom Storage Solutions

Finally, as you decide on the cabinets you want in your kitchen, carefully consider what you need to store inside of them. There are lots of ways you can customize the inside of your cabinets so they can properly store your kitchenware.

For example, you can have a tall cabinet made with sidewalls, so you can easily store your cooking pans vertically, more efficiently using space. Additionally, you can add custom spice racks, or have storage designed specifically to hold wine glasses. Customizing the interior of your cabinets can help to increase their functionality. 

As you work on choosing the cabinetry for your new kitchen, consider wood cabinets, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, or glass front cabinets. Mix things up with some eye-catching hardware. Contact a kitchen cabinet service for more information.