Before You Remodel The Basement: The Foundation Checklist For Repairs And Improvements To Protect Your Investment

Are you getting ready to finish your basement and want to know if there are any problems with the foundation? Before you do anything to start remodeling your basement, you want to inspect the foundation for signs of damage.  To protect your investment in finishing your basement, you want to make sure the right repairs and improvements are done during the remodeling. The following checklist will help you identify some of the foundation problems and choose the right improvements to do when you remodel.

Looking for the Problems with Water That Cause Damage in Your Basement

The first thing you need to do before you start planning a basement remodeling project is looking for problems with water and moisture. If there is a humid smell in the basement, look for signs of water getting in and repair the problem. You may also want to do improvements to the ventilation, drainage, and waterproofing of the basement when remodeling to ensure these problems do not come back after the work has been completed.

Inspect the Exterior of Your Home for Cracks That Are a Sign of Serious Foundation Problems

Before you begin any work to the interior of your basement, you want to inspect the foundation for signs of serious problems. Look for cracks in the exterior walls, especially near the foundation. These problems need to be repaired before you can remodel your basement. In addition, you may want to consider upgrading the waterproofing system on exterior walls before you begin finishing your basement.

Plan Mechanical Systems to Add Plumbing to the Basement and Provide Essential Drainage for the Foundation

The choices of mechanical systems when remodeling your basement are also important. First, you want to have a good sump pump and well installed to deal with wastewater from plumbing installations. In addition, interior foundation drainage lines can be connected to the sump well to help deal with moisture and water that gets into your basement.

Choosing the Right Finish Materials When Remodeling Your Basement to Prevent Water Damage

The finishes you choose when remodeling your basement are important because you want to avoid materials that are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, rather than materials like carpet and drywall that are vulnerable to water damage, consider finishes like tile floors and vinyl wall systems that are more durable and water-resistant. The right choice of materials when remodeling your basement will save you from costly repairs if you have water problems or flooding.

These are some of the improvements that can be done to protect your basement from damage after it has been remodeled. If you are ready to start renovating your basement, contact a basement remodeling contractor and talk to them about repairs and improvements to help solve foundation problems and prevent damage after the remodeling has been completed.