Kitchens Can Be For Short People

Are you a bit on the short side? Short people don't have it easy all the time – sure, when something is down low, you have the upper hand, but when you're living your daily life in a kitchen designed for a "normal" sized person, you're either struggling, or you're not using many of the cabinets and spaces that you could use. Here, you'll find a few ideas that you could incorporate into your kitchen to make it more "short-people" friendly.

Dishes in Drawers – Not Cabinets

One thing that you probably do each and every day is put dishes away. Dishes can be heavy, and when you're short, you have to hoist those heavy dishes up into a cabinet. Instead of struggling with this step in your daily chores, store the dishes in a dish drawer, rather than in a cabinet.

These drawers are built using heavy-duty materials. You couldn't just take your dishes out of the cabinet and place them in just any drawer without having the rails break or the bottom fall through. They can be designed to hold your dishes upright, or just to keep them in place while stacked. Just remember, when you open and close the drawer, the dishes will slide around unless there is some sort of divider in place.

Pull-Down Shelving Organizers

For those wall-mounted cabinets, don't skip using the top shelves. Instead, have pull-down shelving organizers installed. These organizers actually bring the stuff on the top shelf down to your level. They are available in different sizes and designs to meet all of your needs. Just remember, if you're planning to store heavy items on these pull-down shelves, look for the type with spring assist to pull it back up to the top shelf.

Get Creative With Steps

So, you still have some high spaces that you'll need to get to from time to time. There are various forms of step-ladders for you to use, but if you're looking for something unique that'll help you reach those high spaces, a library ladder will do. A library ladder consists of a ladder and a rail system. The ladder can be slid from side to side on the rails so that you can use it to reach all of the top cabinets in the kitchen.

Talk with your local kitchen cabinet professional to learn more about new kitchen cabinets and what you can do to enhance the usability in your kitchen.