3 Steps To Doing Window Renovations

Are the windows in your home outdated, and causing energy loss? Older homes have windows that are a major cause of inefficiency and renovations are often a good investment for homeowners. Some of the renovation options include adding window treatments, installing films and window replacements. Where do you get started on renovating windows in your home? Here are a few simple steps that will help you give your home the window improvements to maximize energy efficiency:

Evaluating Your Home and Deciding Where Replacement Windows Work Best

There are many different options for the renovations of windows in your home. Replacement windows will work in windows that are standard sizes and not damaged. There are likely to be some areas of your home where replacement windows will not work. Consider other improvements that can help make windows more efficient where replacements are not going to be used. Custom glass, damaged openings, and odd sized windows may need to have other improvements done. Consider new windows, glass replacement, or films in these areas.

Taking Measurements for Replacement Windows and Other Improvements

Once you know where you are going to be using replacement windows or doing other improvements, it is time to start measuring. Make a list of all the openings that are getting replacements and write the measurements down to order the windows. For other areas that will be getting window treatments or shutters, take the measurements for them too. Talk with the window contractor about replacing glass or installing window films, which are usually measured and cut to fit on site.

Preparing and Repairing to Get Ready for Your Window Replacement Project

The last step in getting ready for replacement windows is the preparation. Talk with the window contractor about the requirements for windows. When replacements are being installed, the old sashes and hardware need to be removed. In addition, repairs to window casings or water damage need to be completed. You also want to check all window casings for level and square before the replacement windows can be installed. You can usually tell when a casing is out of level or square when existing sashes do not close properly or their margin is uneven.      

Deciding on the right renovations can be difficult, but if you want to improve value on your investment, replacements are often the best option. Contact a window replacement service like Affordable Home Remodeling and talk with them about new windows and other renovations to reduce energy loss in your home.