Four Permanent Structures To Consider For Your Garden Remodel

Hardscape elements are the bones of your landscape and play a vital role in a garden remodel. Permanent structures are added to the landscape before the plants and are the structures that set the tone and define your garden style. Choosing garden landscape structures can be a daunting task, but these four are widely used and fit into almost any garden landscape:


Whether you choose less expensive gravel, brick, or paver walkways, these paths define the tone of your garden and the shape of your garden beds. You may choose meandering paths through lush flower beds, or more formal pathways that lead to different garden features. If a more natural look is what you want, flagstones paths give you just that. Be sure that your pathways lead your guests where you want them to go, and have a natural beginning and end.


Arbors are magical structures that turn ordinary elements such as gates, walkways, and fences into focal points. An arbor can be covered with flowering plants such as vines and roses, or it can simply stand alone as its own statement. If you have a vegetable garden, an arbor can provide a place for vining vegetables, such as beans or squash, to climb to their heart's content and keep their fruit off the ground. Styles include simple archways or elaborate lattice rooms.


Pergolas provide shade while preserving views to the sky and surrounding garden areas. They can also be used to shade a sunny walkway, especially if they are adorned with climbing vines such as morning glories or wisteria. The floor of your pergola can be as fancy or as simple as you like, and can be built of decking, stone or simply left as turf. Whether they stand alone or are built as additions to your home, pergolas provide a wonderful place for family and friends to gather.


It's important to give your gazebo a purpose in the landscape, lest they look out of place. A few options are:

  • satellite patio
  • spa enclosure
  • children's play area
  • lookout station for views

Its purpose will define whether it needs additions such as light fixtures, ceiling fans or seating.  Gazebos come in a large range of styles to suit many garden themes. It's important to consider style and size in relation to proximity to your home and your home's architecture. Position it where it flows with walkways and paths, and surround it with plantings that blend in with your existing landscape.

When remodeling your existing gardens, choose your hardscaping elements with care. A landscape remodeling professional is useful in helping you choose the elements that serve your intended purposes and add structural interest to your new garden design.