Struggling To Find Storage In A Tiny Bathroom? 3 Features To Prioritize While Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom can be a fantastic next step if you notice that your bathroom feels cramped when getting ready in the mornings. If you're eager to make your bathroom more comfortable, it's a smart idea to look into what you can do to make your bathroom feel larger. If you've decided to do some remodeling, you have plenty of options available to expand the size of your bathroom in terms of functionality and looks.

Storage can make an especially big impact on how big your bathroom feels, making the following tips a great way to ensure that your bathroom feels roomy:

Vertical Shelving

One way to improve the storage situation in your smaller sized bathroom is to get shelving installed. Instead of having shelves installed at any height, consider getting vertical shelving installed since it will be out of the way and provide storage in a previously empty space. This can make your bathroom feel much larger since you will be able to move bottles and other bathroom toiletries off the floor and somewhere that they will still be easily reachable.

Under Sink Cabinets

Another way to improve how much storage you have in your bathroom is to get an under the sink cabinet installed. With storage underneath the sink, you can have room for larger items and even toiletries you don't want openly displayed. The variety of options in terms of looks for under sink cabinets can also be nice since it will help make the bathroom feel roomier and add a whole new look that allows you to make the bathroom look entirely new and updated.

Wall Hangers

Another way to improve the storage situation in your bathroom is to get some wall hangers set up. This way, you'll be able to hang towels and other items in your bathroom without making it look cluttered. The hangers can also vary quite a bit in looks, from knobs installed to the walls, to actual towel racks. With the variety of options, you'll be able to hang items in the bathroom with a more customized look.

With the above easy remodeling tips, you can make a big improvement in your bathroom. By focusing primarily on storage, you'll be able to give your bathroom a customized look that expands the function of the bathroom. Even with the minimal effort needed for the above bathroom remodeling projects, you can greatly expand the storage in a small bathroom to make it more functional for everyone.