Crucial Tips For Maintaining And Safely Using Your Newly Remodelled Kitchen Countertops

Although improving the aesthetic appeal and usability of your kitchen counters through remodeling them is often easier than the average homeowner might think, it's still not an experience that you might care to experience too frequently. Therefore, it's important to consult with your kitchen remodeling contractor as to the materials that are being used to create your new counters and to know how to care for that new addition. Once you have that information, it's a good idea to apply it in the future when you purchase cleaning supplies and as you plan for the use of that item, as explained below.

Keep The Counters As Clean And Dry As You Can Between Uses

Even just the occasional dose of standing water, soap, cleaning spray, etc. can have a detrimental impact on the surface of new countertops. For instance. if new Formica absorbs or contains even a few drops of water or of a cleaning product, you might notice a new and unpleasant swellIng to the area. The same is true if any foods, spills, etc. aren't safely removed soon after contact. If permitted to linger untreated for too long, that damage can become permanent and might even void any warranty currently associated with your new countertops.

By extension, you will need to use the right cleaning products on your countertops. For instance, Formica which is also known as Laminate, tends to absorb stains quite easily. In addition, the seams of that laminate are unusually susceptible to new damage to excessive weight, so avoid that area unless you know that you can immediately remove the stain, water, cleaning product, etc. In that instance, plan to quickly remove it in full with a damage-free, soft cloth in order to extend the use of the countertop.

Don't Overload The Cabinet With Excess Weight Or Heat

If you cook for a big family or favor the use of heavy pots and pans, it is frequently easy to accidentally damage the cabinet with too much weight or heat. That is often especially likely if you are used to using older cabinets that were already damaged, so you might not have been as concerned about them warping or otherwise becoming impaired due to unusual use. Heavy items can crack the countertops, so plan for that if you are moving items from the kitchen around for a heavy-duty cleaning or expanding the remodeling job in the future.

Fortunately, it is simpler than you might think to prevent that damage by knowing the limitations of the material used to make your countertops. For instance, laminate can accrue damage if it comes into contact with something at or above 285 degrees Fahrenheit. That can occur in seconds when a hot pan is left on the cabinet. In addition, bleach or even a diluted bleach solution can have a negative impact on a new Formica countertop. Finally, while granite is capable of surviving high heat, its sealant can incur damage at a lower temperature and it is best to plan accordingly.

In conclusion, updating the cabinets in your kitchen can make the entire area more attractive and in some instances, might even provide a more usable space. Therefore, when you have invested in that remodel, it's best to be sure that you know how to properly preserve the appearance and usability of the unit in the future and the above advice will make it easier to do so.