Wanting To Build A Basement Apartment? It's Time To Hire A Remodeling Contractor

If you own a large home and seldom use the basement, you might wish to consider turning it into a basement apartment. Doing so can provide you with a second source of income, and while you'll have the expense of getting the space ready for a prospective tenant, you'll soon appreciate getting a monthly rental check put in your mailbox. Some homes' basements are better suited to the conversation into apartments than others, but a skilled remodeling contractor — especially if he or she has done work of this nature in the past — can definitely get your basement ready for a tenant. Here are some projects that will need to be completed.

Exterior Access

Your tenant will need exterior access to the basement apartment. This element is easiest if you have a walk-out basement. In this case, you may wish to upgrade the door that provides access to the basement, as many such doors are lightweight or largely made of glass. Neither type of door will provide your tenant with a high degree of security or privacy, so you'll want to get the remodeling contractor to install a proper exterior door. This can be made of metal or heavy wood, and may also require a heavy frame with heavy-duty hinges. You want your tenant to feel safe in the basement, and this starts with the door.

Access To Ground Floor

You likely won't want your tenant to be able to come into your living space, so the door at the top of the basement stairs will need to be changed. Generally, interior doors are lightweight and often even hollow, so your contractor will need to remove the door and add a proper, heavy door in this location. The door will also need to have a lock on your side, so keep this factor in mind when you're shopping for a door or looking at models that your contractor suggests.

Plumbing And Electrical

Even if your home doesn't have plumbing fixtures in the basement, it will likely have capped pipes in one or more locations. This means that your remodeling contractor can hook up plumbing fixtures such as a sink, toilet, and shower to the existing plumbing in the home. The safe goes for electrical components. Although your basement has electricity, it may not have high-rated outlets for large appliances such as stoves. In this case, your contractor may need to upgrade your home's circuit panel and add a high-rated outlet in the basement for your tenant.

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