Wiring In The Old With The New: 3 Electrical Improvements To Improve Remodeling Projects

When you get ready to do a remodeling project, there are a lot of things that need planning. You will need to budget the project, get estimates and decide on the essential work that needs to be done. During the remodeling project, there may be improvements that need to be done to mechanical systems in your home, such as upgrading the HVAC or improving electrical installations. With electrical installations, you will want to bring them up-to-date with modern building standards. Here are some of the improvements for electrical systems to consider when doing renovations or remodeling your home:

1. Upgrading Breaker Boxes and Electrical Service

When you are remodeling your home, there may be space added with small additions or bump-outs. Older homes often do not have large enough breaker boxes or service to provide your home with the electricity that is needed. You will want to upgrade the breaker box to provide your home with the service you need, as well as allow for future expansion of the electrical systems.

2. Adding Outlets to Existing Areas That Need Them

The new space is not the only place that may need to have new electrical wiring installed in your home. Often, older homes do not have a sufficient number of outlets for modern appliances and electronic devices. Add outlets to existing areas of your home to bring the electrical systems up-to-date with modern electrical standards for homes. Having enough outlets also prevents fire hazards due to circuits that become overloaded due to having too few outlets.

3. Replacing Old Wires and Adding Grounded Outlets Where Needed

You may also want to consider replacing old outlets in your home with grounded outlets where needed. There are also special outlets for areas like kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor electrical installations; these are called GCFI or GFI outlets. GFI outlets have a special built-in feature that causes them to trip and internal breaker when they come in contact with moisture. You will want to install the GCFI outlets anywhere in your home where moisture and water is present to protect against electrical shock hazards. In addition, make sure that the wiring in your home is modern insulated water and not outdated systems like wires with aluminum insulation.

These are some of the electrical improvements that often need to be done when doing home renovations and major remodeling projects. Contact a remodeling contractor and talk with them about these upgrades to the electrical wiring of your older home.