Ideas For A European-Style Kitchen

While kitchens in Europe can be in any style, European kitchen design is inspired by the mid-century modern look. This style originated in the Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark. Simplicity, functionality, and adherence natural shapes are hallmarks of European kitchen design. And they work well for the kitchen. As you approach your kitchen remodel, consider adding aspects of European kitchen design for a stylish effect.

Minimalist Design

A major characteristic of mid-century modern style is maintaining a sense of minimalism. While shapes may be organic, there's rarely any ornamentation. This comes into play with cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and appliances. For example, you may choose any material for your countertops and maintain the style. However, opt for a clean eased edge instead of a more elaborate one. Likewise, with appliances, consider stainless steel or geometric options. For instance, you could indulge in a double oven not only because it's handy but also because the stacked rectangles will complement your European kitchen style.

European Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinetry takes up a lot of visual space in your kitchen. It also makes one of the bigger impacts on your budget. Therefore, consider opting for European kitchen cabinets. As Home and Garden TV points out, these are sleek and contemporary looking. Part of the reason for this is they're frameless, which offers a seamless look. Naturally this sleek, seamless construction goes along with the minimalist design characteristic of European kitchen style.

Mid-Century Color Palette

A cohesive factor in any kitchen design is its color palette. A mid-century color palette is relatively muted — think shades of beige, taupe, and brown. However, the style also adds deeper accent colors of olive green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. So, start with your kitchen cabinets, and draw the color out to the walls. Choose a shade of that color for the countertop. From there, add one or two pops of color with an accenting hue, perhaps in a statement wall or the cabinetry for a kitchen island. Keep this color palette in mind as you choose furnishings and décor for your remodeled kitchen.

Pendant Lighting

Another area to recreate a mid-century modern aesthetic in the Euro style is in light fixtures. Designers at the time got playful in their implementation of geometric principles to light fixtures. You can recreate this effect with a series of pendant lights. Look for ones with clean lines and obvious geometry. For example, you could hang a series of round globes or mix the globes with other shapes. This way you maintain a minimalist approach while paying homage to the creative light fixtures of the mid-century.

Let the European designers of the mid-century inspire your kitchen remodel design. For more information, contact companies like Pedini New York.