4 Tips for Making Your Small Kitchen Space Work

If you have a small kitchen space but you want to make it feel larger, there are a few things that you can do to open up the space and really make it work.

#1 Add Some Extra Light

The first thing that you need to do is add some light to your space. Adding extra light to your space can really open it up and make it feel larger. Start by adding recess lights to the ceiling; this will provide some great light from the top down in your kitchen. Next, install some task lighting. Task lighting are focused lights, such as lights under your cupboards, that will make it easier for you to see what you are working on. It will also add more dimension to your lighting tasks.

If you can add some natural light to your place, it can really brighten up your space. If you have a window already in your kitchen, see if you can enlarge the window. A larger window will let in more light. If adding a regular window doesn't work, see if you can add a skylight to your kitchen for a big splash of natural light.

#2 Add a Focal Point

You can also open up your kitchen by adding a focal point to your small kitchen. The focal point doesn't have to take up a lot of space and it can be a part of your regular kitchen design. For example, you can add an overhead light that has an interesting design as a focal point. Or you can change out your plain backsplash with a beautiful mosaic for some extra color. Or you can put down high-class countertops. Use regular elements of redesigning your kitchen to draw attention to the space.

#3 Add a Pop of Color

Don't go overboard with color; make sure that you use it in a smart way. For example, if you love purple, paint a row of cabinets purple This will be eye-catching and will really draw people's eyes around your space and make it feel a little larger than it really is. A few pops of colors, such as a couple painted cabinets, an artistic piece on the counter or colorful chairs will make your room stand out and feel larger.

#4 Go Small with Appliances

Finally, don't feel like you have to put full-size appliances in your kitchen. When you have a small kitchen, it can make your kitchen feel smaller. To make your kitchen feel large, consider putting in a downsized oven, dishwasher and fridge. This can make your space feel larger while still providing you with the function that you need.